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Going on a business trip or vacation? Do you live out of town part time or full time? Need someone to stop in and check on how things are doing with your family member who is in a skilled nursing, assisted living or rehabilitation setting when you are unavailable? Then we would like to help. 

We visit at scheduled, but randomized times throughout the month to visit the facility where your special person is staying, and provide comments back to you including, but not limited to:

   - How the facility is: Is their room clean and the linens changed?

   - How they are: Are they clean and dressed appropriately for the time of day?

   - How do they seem: Are the distressed or in some manner not acting ‘as usual’?

   - Are they readied for the day: Hearing aides and/or eyeglasses on?

Added Peace of Mind can also assist if/when you are unavailable and there seems to be ‘something wrong’. We can come in to check on your family member and call you from the facility. We can also attend for an important doctor visit and take notes for you.*

Each client (you) and each resident (in the care facility) will have a personalized check sheet which is completed for each visit. Copies of these will be mailed to you monthly. Within 48 hours of a visit (immediately if there is a concern) a phone call will be placed to you with status.

We offer other special services such as checking for you that critical bills have been paid, whether there are unopened mail items, if there are checks missing from the check book, or we can report on blood pressure and blood sugar results as recorded by the facility.*  We can attend physician visits and take notes for you and/or act as an intermediary during the visit by phoning you and communicating your questions, and concerns.*

Assisted living, skilled nursing facility, rehab centers, extended-hospital stay; we can help your comfort level with all of these settings by checking in when you can not. And if you would like your gift to be hand-delivered or a card or letter to bew read to your family member, we would be pleased to offer that attention.

Lastly, we deal in the strictess of confidence and only share information with those you tell us are allowed.

Services can be arranged for single to multiple visits per week or month depending on the frequency and duration you need.

We would be pleased to help you gain a bit more Added Peace of Mind.


* signed release required.

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